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Greenshot hotkeys

If  you waste a lot of time at a computer, then you know how much screen capture utilities totally rock.

One of my favorites is Greenshot, as it makes "capture the region I specify" as easy as pressing the Print Screen button.

However, this is such an awesome function, that other apps like DropBox and OneDrive will also do this, and that means they overwrite the Greenshot settings in the Registry (or something), thus wiping out Greenshot's ability to respond to these hotkey combinations (like Print Screen).

No problem, right?  Yeah, whatever.

So, I learned that OneDrive had usurped the hotkeys when Greenshot said "The hotkeys got usurped, I can't help you anymore."  Sure enough, when you look at the Greenshot preferences, the hotkey combos are GONE.

So, there's a "reset defaults" button, right?  You'd think.  Whatever.

Make OneDrive stop owning the Print Screen hotkey.
Make DropBox stop owning the Print Screen hotkey.

And borrowed from IHaveAPC, the Greenshot default hotkeys.


Non-intuitively, the way to fix Greenshot is to open the Preferences,  

Then mouse-click in whatever field you want to set the hotkey combo for, press the hotkey combo desired to have Greenshot auto-generate the text and record the key stroke, then click OK.

You know what?  There are lots of sites out there that talk about how to do this, but I had to click through a few of them to find all of this info, so I made this post, hoping it saves even one person a bit of frustration.  


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