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As the awesome Lex Larson put it:

As the man says, if your organization needs an intersectionality-personified blackety black blackness speaker, facilitator and writer, hit the guy up.

Or, just get a "Be Less Terrible" t-shirt or mug.

Krendel RPG - build your own anything

Krendel is one of those games like GURPS or Hero System - or a dozen others - one of those "generic toolkit" kind of game systems, where you can build anything, in any system, and so end up with whatever you want.
I got the Krendal Core and Krendal Powers books.  I really like the layout, and presentation.  I've only played a bit with the rules, but it's pretty quick and easy.
And hey - if you're a member of the Peace Corps, they'll give you a free copy!
William Altman (the author) has a blog for the game.  And he's got an "open game" license, so you can create your own derivative works using the Krendel system.  I'm a huge fan of such licenses, because it's a great way for fans to expand the universe and increase the popularity (and utility) of the system without getting into trouble (and possibly make a few bucks to cover their time)  ;-)

Blue Rose RPG Kickstarter

Blue Rose Kickstarter

The Blue Rose Kickstarter launches on Monday! We are bringing back our roleplaying game of Romantic Fantasy using the Adventure Game Engine, the rules that power Dragon Age and Fantasy AGE. 

Gorillas With Scissors Press Call for Short Story Submissions

Meme Generator

Everyone has random thoughts, good and bad ideas, and just plain concepts for memes. Those random sentences that get thrown out and someone says "I'm writing that down!"

Now, you have an easy way to immortalize and share your idea. Run it up the public flagpole and see if it takes off and goes viral.

Or just amuse yourself for hours on end.

Yeah, I'm totally going to have too much fun with

Protect Net Neutrality

I'm tired of rich, elitist assholes trying to grab every damn public project and turn it into their personal playground, fuckeveryoneelse.
I'm tired of having to defend a level playing field on the Interwebs. The damn thing was engineeed, built, and funded with tax money.
The damn thing is still heavily subsidized - paid for - with tax money.
The Internet gives everyone a voice, and a chance to be the next great idea millionaire (hey, you're more likely to get hit by lightning, but that's still a greater-than-zero chance).
Protect Net Neutrality by telling Congress to knock it the fuck off, and do their jobs of representing the people who voted for them.

Alternate Mother's Day celebrations

Mother's Day is a great day to celebrate mothers that are sane.
Not all of them are. Therefore, you get articles like this one, discussing alternative ways to endure, suffer or celebrate Mother's Day for those who survived despite competing for worst mom in history.

Gender Identity

"Gender Identity" gives me kind of a headache, as much because it goes beyond biology and even expressed identity.  There's even one where some people with penises, but no testicles, in India call themselves "i". Or something.

Wikipedia has some really excellent articles that help fill in the knowledge gaps.

Help charity: buy Star Wars books signed by artist Bonnie Burton

Bonnie Burton signed Star Wars books.
So help charity,take home Star Wars books below market value,take home Star Wars books signed by Bonnie Burton And if you're hung up on "Bonnie who?" then let's start with this from Wikipedia:
From 2003 to 2013, [Bonnie Burton] worked as a Senior Editor for Star and staff writer for Star Wars Insider magazine, and was the Senior Editor of the Official Star Wars Blog. 
And continue with "Author brilliant and talented enough to get hired by huge publishing company to WRITE STAR WARS BOOKS - Lucas and Disney are both really picky about the multi-billion dollar cash cow, ya know? So it ain't like this is the only thing Bonnie Burton has done, so just buy the signed books to seed your kids college fund, ya?