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Denis Loubet, Fantasy Artist

Denis Loubet, fantasy artist.

DnD 5e - the Ultimate Guide to Ritual Casting

The Ultimate - and I mean ULTIMATE - guide to ritual spellcasting in 5e. The author even used color-coding. This is awesome.
For example, it seems so obvious to me that a ritual casting would require the character to stand still, but apparently not. The character can walk and chant at the same time.
The color-coding is great, and makes it really clear the only spell list worth ritualizing is the wizard spell list. Well, that is unless or until we get a 5e version of "Relics & Rituals" which expanded the ranger and paladin lists so incredibly much that we actually had someone play a ranger with Scribe Scroll, just so she could use all those cool spells (and wow, did she).

Be A Clown - Cute or Creepy

I'm told that guys find women in clown makeup to be sexy. Well, those guys that aren't afraid of clowns, anyway (I've never understood "clown phobia," but that's phobia for you).
I think this might be part of the appeal of DC Comics' Harley Quinn - she is, after all, a charismatic hot chick in clown makeup (although, seriously guys, she's a murderous psychopath, so get a healthy hobby, okay?).
Divine Caroline has a page with 10 ideas for clown makeup, with links to the women who did the design, so you can get tutorials and more ideas. Creepy or cute, or somewhere in between. Whatever strikes the fancy of yourself, or that special someone in your life.


V-GER still phoning home

The Voyager spacecraft - which are older than me - are still phoning home!

"Today, Voyager 1, at a distance of 130 astronomical units, is the farthest human-made object from Earth, and it still regularly communicates with our planet. In August 2012, the spacecraft entered interstellar space – the space between the stars -- and has been delivering data about this uncharted territory ever since. Its twin, Voyager 2, also launched in 1977, is also journeying toward interstellar space."--Elizabeth Landau, JPL

NASA JPL keeps a blog, and they update it whenever V-GER sends anything interesting.

The "V-GER" reference is from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. How's that for a nerd reference? :)