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Scarborough Fair - ancient song, modern legend

Simon and Garfunkel's "Scarborough Fair" - is probably the most famous of the modern versions.  It's certainly the one I think of whenever I hear the line "parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme."
It's interesting to see that they used a  vocal counter-point borrowed from an earlier anti-war song by Simon.
This vid shows the lyrics. The "anti-war" counter-point is almost impossible to hear, even if you know to listen for it.  It makes a beautiful sound, the background lyrics, and perhaps is a subliminal message, too.

This version, by the Gothard sisters (who are not triplets), is just for fun.

Radiant Tank Top Heaters

I had a Mozart "for concentration and study" vid running in the background on YouTube, when an advert for Radiant Tank Top Heaters by Global Industrial came on.
Definitely not the kind of thing I normally expect, but I got curious, and once I saw the images of "propane tanks with laser dishes" my mind went running all over the place.  These things seem really dangerous, but also very practical.  I can see every dude-bro's garage workshop with at least one of these, and if I was out in that shop on a freezing-ass cold  day, I'd be parked next to this thing, because I'm tough, but still smart enough to stay warm.
My first random thought was the Star Warslaser dish cannons.  I loved Empire Strikes Back, and always thought these things were cool in a totally impractical kind of way. I love that Lucas and his people always seemed to let their imaginations run wild. I mean, just because WE think it might be impractical doesn't mean some other galaxy-span…