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Elisa Mac - Italian Cosplayer

Elisa Mac aka Cap Anneke Jackson, cosplayer and Freelance Graphic Designer from Rome, Italy.


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Karl Stjernberg - RPG Artist on G+

There are a lot of great artists on social media. One is Karl Stjernberg
Karl does a lot of RPG art.  Mostly maps, but also some character sheets. 

This one is apparently a Level 1 Kobold Thief. I love the "mind map" free form creativity Karl shows.


And, Pink! of course :-) (Helllooooo, I'm a girl.  Yes, it turns out that pink is hardwired into us.  We grow out of it... eventually.  Haha.)



Costumer Riki LeCotey - From Comic Fan to Comic Costumer

I've covered cosplayers before, because it's cool, and these people are some really stunning artists.  You've probably seen pictures of Riki "Riddle" LeCotey, even if you never knew who she was. This page is, by the way (and despite the title), not any kind of "history of Riddle," which you can find all kinds of places.  This page is just a "Hey, now you know!" (Yes, old schoolers, that was deliberate.)
Ms LeCotey has been cosplaying since before it was cool - like way back to at least 2008.  (Which is, by the way even longer thanReigning Queen of Cosplay Jessica Nigri.)
(source: Wikipedia)

And in case your like "Yeah, but if she's that old, is she still relevant?

(source: Facebook)

So, yeah, she is relevant to the cosplay world. She's getting paid requests to appear at places, so there you go.
"Okay, fine," you say, "she gets paid to appear at cons. That's still not like 'cosplaying' is a real job!"…

RoboTech RPG dying? Last chance to buy the books

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Like Setting A Planet on Fire

It's like watching Galactus eat a planet.  Source article here.

Except it's just one of those things that, apparently, started out as an "experiment to see how many matches it would take to make a perfect sphere."

And there you go.

Oh, and here's a picture of Galactus, the World Eater.

(image source)

Musical Marble Machines

So, a while ago, I randomly ran across Wintergatan's Marble Machine on YouTube.  Well, it's a fun vid, and epic nerdiness.  Turns out, once you watch one "amazing marble" machine vid, YouTube suggests (no surprise) many more.  It's really wild the creativity and engineering that goes into these things, which means the hundreds of hours of time.  It's engineering and art, all bundled together.

As far as I'm concerned, any instrument using marbles is madness ...

Some people use of the shelf kits to create crazy "tumbling domino" like runs...

...and some people just do completely custom work...

... and in any case, it's all crazy impressive.

B-52s still flying

Did you know the Boeing B-52 Bomber, first introduced in the 1950s - that's like older than your grandparents, kids - ARE STILL FLYING?

Seriously. That's all kinds of impressive. Boeing keeps building them, and offering upgrades to the old workhorses, and they keep flying.

A B-52 can carry even more bombs than those pieces of junk in The Last Jedi (seriously, what dumbass agreed to fly those things so close together?).

(image poached from Wikipedia)
Whatever about "star bombers," this is a good vid