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Superheros on Live Stage - Soon I Will Be Invincible

"Soon I Will Be Invincible" - hadn't heard of it until Heinz Kreienbaummentioned it one day.  Apparently, it started life as a novel.  I so need to get a copy and read it.

Christina Hall as Fatale
And then someone did a live stage production of it.  That's pretty cool. I hope it smashed box office records, and all that.

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My favorite pancakes

Dice up honeycrisp apples to really small chunks. Get pancake mix, put in 1/4 TSP sugar, 1/4 TSP ground cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, and a splash of vanilla extract. Use coconut oil cooking spray on the pan. Pour 1/4 cup batter into the pan (medium-low heat) and sprinkle six to eight pieces of diced apple into it. Use a knife to push the apple under the surface. Wait until the bubbles stop popping and flip it. Cook only one at a time, so it has the pan to itself and your full attention. Drizel with maple syrup and no-sugar-added applesauce (homemade lumpy with skins is best).


It helps of you have a sweet tooth, since Apple's and maple syrup are both loaded with sugar. If I'm hungry and think I want to hear more than two, I don't add the sugar to the mix, and I use even less maple syrup.

You have to play with the apple chunk size, too. I dice the pieces to less than 1/4", and it's a balancing act what kind of texture and how much apple flavor you want.

Promised Land: a modern fairytale of same-sex true love

When a young Prince and a farm boy meet in the forest, a growing friendship between them blossoms into love. However, when the Queen re-marries, her sinister new husband seeks control of the enchanted forest and the land the farm boy’s family are responsible for protecting.

In a Kingdom where all are considered equal regardless of what they look like or who they love, Promised Land is a brand new fairytale about friendship, responsibility, adventure and love.

Written by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris the book features 32 stunning illustrations by Christine Luiten & Bo Moore sure to delight kids young and old.

The 25 Most Inspiring Skeletor Quotes For Every Occasion

Remember He-Man?  Or She-Ra?  I think everyone of a certain age grew up with the cartoon, and the toys.  And then the movie.  Oy, what a underdone job that movie was.

The Collected Quotes
Skeletor had some great lines.  He was a bit of a whiner, but that was part of his villainous charm.  Sometimes he was a downright badass.  But, most of the time, he was a bit of a whiner (he was a children's cartoon character, after all, meant to sell toys.)

Giant Hogweed Plants can apparently fry your skin off

Giant Hogweed - some crazy big ugly plant

On the one hand, an awesome D&D trap.

On the other hand, I feel horrible for anyone who contacts it, and ends up scarred for life!

Snow Crash - fucking awesome book

On my mind? The cybernetic rat/dog thing from "Snow Crash" - they had built-in fusion reactors that let them run at hundreds of miles per hour, but needed massive cooling fins to avoid overheating.

"Badass: Between Hiro, Raven, Y.T., Uncle Enzo, and the cybernetic rat/dog thing, the book has more badassness than most books should be allowed to have."

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery - OSR

You ever flip through a book, and find that one thing that sells it to you?  Yeah, I so need a copy of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, entirely based on this image.  Well, okay, this image and the fact that Mark Craddock uses it.  Mark manages a game store, so he is kind of a guru on all the new games, so if he considers it worth his time to mock up blog posts using a system, I'm immediately open to it.
Then this sample art found in the online sampler  (Ladies, you so know what I'm talking about, right?)  
(buy FHW from

Hey, for $7.50, if the authors have this kind of sense of humor, I'm totally willing to try it.  If it helps, the online reviews for it are favorable, too.  
Personally, I prefer hardcopy, because I like BOOKS - I like being able to handle a physical object, not have to squint, and not have to worry about battery life.