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Fantasy RPG Armor for Women

Women in armor.  Well, realistic medieval type of armor, anyway, as opposed to modern body armor, but you can find those, too

Model unknown. Image source on Pinterest.
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Slings for FHRPG

Some vids detailing historical use of slings.  Again, in most version of D&D, this is a Simple Weapon that anyone can use. Halflings usually get some nice bonuses with slings, and some editions of D&D go absolutely bonkers with halfling-only sling feats that produce some damage potential to easily compete with longbows and crossbows.  (I can't find the character sheet, but I had a 4e halfling ranger/rogue who, in natural terrain, take  5 foot step at the start of her turn, then use her sling to cause 5d6+4 damage. That was awesome.)

Historical Arrows and how they might shape your Fantasy Archer

Here is a pretty cool treatise on longbow arrows. I like his style. Very calm, very well-stated. Useful information and perspective, without a lot of hype, and just a touch of snark.

Now, I mean, this is most useful to people who like history, or who play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons.  Or Warhammer FRP, or Talislanta, or want to play Hawkeye in your favorite SHRPG, like, say Mighty Protectors. :-)
Personally, I always loved archers.  I was never particularly enamored of the crossbow in 3e, except maybe as the occassional ranged utility weapon for my low-level clerics. 
Then came 5e, when I started monkeying with it. The slow reload rate was always a buzzkill, but the Crossbow Expert Feat provided some definite advantages over the Longbow, so I built a Fighter around the Heavy Crossbow, and actually had a lot of fun.

Lex and her #ShowSomeCharacterProject

Lex is a genius. I've talked about her before.

I am professional cynic. Humanity is a cesspit, and I have blogs calling people out for being dirt and how they can and should be better. Lex has risen above human nature to bitch and whine. Lex is a rare gem, and I'm crying because she is the "make the world a better place" genius I aspire to be. Bless her heart, bless her genius, I love watching her save the world one generous action at a time :-)


Technical Manuals for All Things Space

Oh, I had such a hard time picking which sample images from Haynes to showcase the "Are you serious?!"collection of space books they put together. These are hardcover books.  They have some real world ones, like a lot of the NASA space program craft, but as you can see, they also turned their engineers and writers loose on fictional space craft - like the frickin' Death Star!
I am so putting all of these on my Christmas wishlist, and going to carve out some space on my bookcase for them.
"That's no moon. It's a space station."


Drop me a link to your blog. I'm building a list.

Okay, let's do this over again, properly this time.
Well, "more properly," anyway. I'll sort out the formatting eventually.

So, the point is, drop a link to your blog in the comments section, and I'll update this OP as I get around to it. 

"The hardest part for every artist is being found by her audience." - Icarus Anne Riley

Malcolm's Observations
RPG Knights

Cross Planes

Artist Igor Crechanyi

ewwww, that's gotta hurt.

Oh, unless the humanoid part is merely a lure for prey; then this is seriously eeeeevil! :-)

Lolth is a fictional  god from DnD, and the queen of the Drow Elves. She's also a serious sociopath, psychopath, and pretty much the definition of cruelty and Evil.  She is too calculating to be considered randomly chaotic, but she is definitely a psycho-hosebeast of the highest caliber.

According to the fine print, the artist is Igor Crechanyi, and he does some  really gorgeous work!