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For Every Artist - There Is An Audience

The point of this blog, really, is that for every Artist, there is an Audience.
The bitch is getting the two together. Lots of times, on my G+ stream, I'll reshare something - maybe someone just published a new book, or there is a Kickstarter going on - and I'll simply write "raising the bandwidth."
The only way for an Audience to learn about the Artist they are looking for is if someone spreads the word.
I'm not going to make anyone rich or famous by sharing their Kickstarter, or book, or game on my blog, but maybe I can help people learn about artists or projects they find interesting.  
Ripples on the pond ;-)

Comic Book World - buy stuff at better prices

Mark Craddock, blogger and all around interesting person, runs his own store



Mark posts a lot of D&D 5e goodies on his blog. A lot of them are racial types, like the 3e racial templates.

Artwork I found on his blog... to lure you into clicking the link... ;-)

Patreon: David Okum Webcomics

David Okum is creating webcomics and is running a Patreon to help generate revenue



Patreon: EPIC Eric Lofgren!!


If you want to hear color sing, look at the work of Eric Lofgren. Eric can take any hangdog, shy color (“Hi. I’m Green.”) and with a little coaxing from Eric, it’s in your face, up your nose, and stroking the pleasure centers of your brain (“Heeeeey, baby. I’m Green.”) before you can moan “Oh, God.” Eric’s colors are practically orgasmic.
Epic Eric Lofgren has a Patreon account!  Throw money at him!
OMG, Eric is awesome! His art is gorgeous! and he's a neat guy!  I got to talk to him quite a lot, back when I had a Faceborg account.
Eric is one of the few people I miss from Faceborg.  Funny, how the people I miss are all artists.

For us deeper thinking types, Eric also has a G+ account, but he just doesn't get the same fan love on G+ as he does on Faceborg, so he doesn't spend as much time there.
Anyway, Eric has done a crapload of D&D art, so go throw a few dollars at him, and support a great guy, who does great art.

I always had such a love/hate relationship… - D&D 5 and Pathfinder goodness from industry veterans

I had kind of wondered what happened to my friend Patric Rogers, since he hasn't updated since his daughter was born.
Turns out he's writing his "Little Detective Story" (apparently written like a screenplay, and mapped to eight different "scripts," so far, and over 300 pages combined. Yeah, it's both epic and a fucking wonderful read.)
He's also teamed up again with gamer legend Darrin Drader. Rememer Dark Portal Games? Yeah, no one does, but Rogers and Drader and Robert Blezard were all part of it, and now they're working together again.
Patric posted this to his G+ thread:
Do me a favor and spread this around? I'm part of this company, and if we get piles of subscribers, i can quit my day job, write full time, and convert 11 years of notbooks into proper gamer goodness.
Thanks to Facebook picking and choosing who sees what for us, I have no clue if you've gotten the word yet. I don't want to be spammy, but my new…

About this particular blog

Specifically, this blog will be about me providing links to things you can throw your money at, and you deciding if you want to throw your money at them.
In many cases, I only do a cursory review, just to make sure it isn't some racist or other total asshole group trying to take your money, or get your signature. This is a bit of a poor-impulse-control blog :)
If you find something turns out to be a scam, or worse, tell me in comments, and then I'll either delete the post, or leave it up and let the comments be a warning to others.

Scavengers - an RPG about looting derelict space ships!

A quick, easy, humorous RPG about exploring derelict space ships and getting rich off the loot! ...just don't pick up those egg things...
Okay, that contains all the right words. ;-)  What was that show, Cowboy Bebop?  Reminds me of that. They were technically bounty hunters, but seems like they got into all kinds of derelict crap.

And from the nerds at Metal Weave Games, no less.

Mythoard! Gamer deals for gamers!

Okay, let's launch this blog. I'm unmedicated right now, so the ADD is running wild.

Ashley, and Jarrod, and their adorable kids put together

Be a gamer? Subscribe and get cool stuff.

I'll sort this post out later. This was just a neat site to tip me over the edge and finally make this blog.