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Kendama - well, people do crazy tricks with yoyos, so why not?

Huh. Kendama is kind of like a yo-yo pumped on steriods, then turned into a mutant ninja, and then given cyborg implants.

Well, okay, not really, but if you've ever watched vids of yo-yo tricks, then you watch these guys, it kind of feels like that.

My initial thought is "synchronized kendama?  That's silly!"  Then again, synchronized swimming is a sport, and can be very beautiful to watch, and takes incredible skill and dedication, so why not "synchronized kendama"?  It takes incredible skill and dedication.  
And then since damn near anything can be turned into a work of art....

And just because college guys are silly bastards....

Bounce a check? Learn about state-regulated fees

Ever bounce a check, or otherwise overdraft your bank account? Doesn't matter why. Unless you're rich, you've probably done it at least once.
Anyway, provides a list of all 50 US states and what banks are legally allowed to charge you when you bounce a check. 
I've done a rant about this. This page is just to tell you about this interesting and useful site.