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Summon Monster [not] in 5e

I am unashamed to say that I liked playing summoner-types in 3.x, especially with some of the relaly abusive combinations possible with 3rd-party materials.

In my defense, I always brought my monster cards, and own minis, so I was prepared. I always prepared my action list in advance, and was usually one of the fastest turns at the table, depsite sometimes having as many as eight critters and 16 attacks. Heh. Yeah, I love me them minions.

Which is probably why Summon Monster has disappeared from the 5e PHB. After all, 5e is intended to streamline play, and be a less-complicated experience.

But, whatever. I'm not alone in feeling the gap, and this looks like a pretty fun and creative way to fill the void.

Body Faders - clothing that changes color

I wonder if I can talk the people at Body Faders and the people at Snorg Tees into doing a crossover.

Or maybe ArmorClass10.

I think that "Chaotic Good" t-shirt would be darkly humorous if it got red spots on it at certain temperatures. Okay, that's probably tasteless, but it got your attention :)
(Think blood spatter spots, you perv :)
You what else I think is cool?  Body Faders was apparently started by a woman in Michigan, and she has expanded to Europe.  I think that's cool. Smart investing and small business boom, and all that.