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The 25 Most Inspiring Skeletor Quotes For Every Occasion

Remember He-Man?  Or She-Ra?  I think everyone of a certain age grew up with the cartoon, and the toys.  And then the movie.  Oy, what a underdone job that movie was.

The Collected Quotes
Skeletor had some great lines.  He was a bit of a whiner, but that was part of his villainous charm.  Sometimes he was a downright badass.  But, most of the time, he was a bit of a whiner (he was a children's cartoon character, after all, meant to sell toys.)

Giant Hogweed Plants can apparently fry your skin off

Giant Hogweed - some crazy big ugly plant

On the one hand, an awesome D&D trap.

On the other hand, I feel horrible for anyone who contacts it, and ends up scarred for life!