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Enabling Disk Cleanup Utility in Windows Server 2012

Why do they have to fucking bury the damn "disk cleanup" on the server operating systems?

Enabling Disk Cleanup Utility in Windows Server 2012

Tacoma City Ballet is doing a Haunted Theater especially for kids

It's $7, and if you've got a little one who wants to dress in costume, get your ass over there. They have shows today, tomorrow, and Friday. Please support the arts and spread the word. 

(The hardest part about finding an audience is letting the audience know you exist - someone you know wants to go, so let them know it exists ;-)

Know a Holocaust denier? Punch him in the face.

Humans have an incredible capacity to be selfish tits, who cruelly ignore the cruelty of others. It's all some petty emotional game.
I ran across this totally by random, but it's an excellent hammering home of the simple historical truth that the German Nazis committed mass murder of millions of people by using poison gas chambers

Philosophically speaking, one of the few things more horrible than cruelty is pretending it never happened.
The old line "those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it," holds true time and time again. 
As a species, we need to accept the horrible shit we've done, so that we stop doing it over and over.
As a species, we need to accept the horrible shit we've done, so that we stop letting ourselves do it to us over and over.  But, that's a drift into It's Class Warfare, Bitches.

Snatch up an expired Internet domain today!

You can use the Network Solutions (A Company) Expired Domain Name Search to see if there are any expired, or soon to expire, domains that you want to try to snatch up and squat.  Because, you know, everyone loves a domain name squatter.

Actually, no one loves a domain squatter except maybe his mother.  Domain name squatters are turds.  People who snatch up other people's domain names, and ransom them back, are turds.  But, hey, you know, Free Market Capitalism, and all that crap.

What Are the Dangers of Children's Pictures on Facebook?

Ran across this great article

Although Facebook offers various privacy settings that can be tweaked, there is no way to guarantee that your photos will not be seen by people you didn't intend to share with. While the risk of sexual predators stalking children after seeing their Facebook photos is small, it cannot be completely discounted. Posting photos of your children also sets a bad example to them about privacy and opens them up to other dangers, such as identity theft.
We all know we love showing off our kids. We want people to see how awesome they are.  But, have you ever watched the "mermaid costume" review vids on YouTube with the 12 year-old girls? Or maybe the "backyard water slide" with all the kids?
I learned about these from a friend, who was looking at them for his little girl.   Yeah, he said after watching them for about 15 minutes, he just felt like such a creepy old man.  And he's actually a really good guy.  Imagine the jollies that real …