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Promised Land: a modern fairytale of same-sex true love

When a young Prince and a farm boy meet in the forest, a growing friendship between them blossoms into love. However, when the Queen re-marries, her sinister new husband seeks control of the enchanted forest and the land the farm boy’s family are responsible for protecting.

In a Kingdom where all are considered equal regardless of what they look like or who they love, Promised Land is a brand new fairytale about friendship, responsibility, adventure and love.

Written by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris the book features 32 stunning illustrations by Christine Luiten & Bo Moore sure to delight kids young and old.

The 25 Most Inspiring Skeletor Quotes For Every Occasion

Remember He-Man?  Or She-Ra?  I think everyone of a certain age grew up with the cartoon, and the toys.  And then the movie.  Oy, what a underdone job that movie was.

The Collected Quotes
Skeletor had some great lines.  He was a bit of a whiner, but that was part of his villainous charm.  Sometimes he was a downright badass.  But, most of the time, he was a bit of a whiner (he was a children's cartoon character, after all, meant to sell toys.)

Giant Hogweed Plants can apparently fry your skin off

Giant Hogweed - some crazy big ugly plant

On the one hand, an awesome D&D trap.

On the other hand, I feel horrible for anyone who contacts it, and ends up scarred for life!

Snow Crash - fucking awesome book

On my mind? The cybernetic rat/dog thing from "Snow Crash" - they had built-in fusion reactors that let them run at hundreds of miles per hour, but needed massive cooling fins to avoid overheating.

"Badass: Between Hiro, Raven, Y.T., Uncle Enzo, and the cybernetic rat/dog thing, the book has more badassness than most books should be allowed to have."

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery - OSR

You ever flip through a book, and find that one thing that sells it to you?  Yeah, I so need a copy of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, entirely based on this image.  Well, okay, this image and the fact that Mark Craddock uses it.  Mark manages a game store, so he is kind of a guru on all the new games, so if he considers it worth his time to mock up blog posts using a system, I'm immediately open to it.
Then this sample art found in the online sampler  (Ladies, you so know what I'm talking about, right?)  
(buy FHW from

Hey, for $7.50, if the authors have this kind of sense of humor, I'm totally willing to try it.  If it helps, the online reviews for it are favorable, too.  
Personally, I prefer hardcopy, because I like BOOKS - I like being able to handle a physical object, not have to squint, and not have to worry about battery life.

Size Matters: Wine Bottles

So, apparently, but some bottles aren't just kitchy good fun, but also help the wine inside age more slowly.  Huh.


Elven Tower

Derek Ruiz is the mad genius behind  He makes maps, and has a Patreon account.

Good maps are hard to find.  This is beautiful, easy to use, and totally looks like fun.

Metals you've never heard of

Reality is stranger than fiction. I was writing some short fiction and needed to know the relative melting points of metals.

Ever heard of "incoloy" or "hastelloy"?  Yeah, me neither. I swear those names were made up by Asimov or Tolkien, right?

Nope. Turns out those particular metals came out of a lab, and have industrial uses.

Although, I'm undecided if "Special Metals Corporation" was named by a very unimaginative paper pusher, or some genius with the same sense of ironic humor that came up with"Umbrella Corporation."

(image source - it's Gallium melting at body temp)

Alyson Tabbitha - Stunning Brilliant Cosplayer

Is it wrong that I'm turned on by Alyson's incredible skill level and passion for cosplay? I love cosplay. I've dabbled a bit, but I'm a rank amateur. Mostly, I'm a gamer by day, and dabble with a bit of convention cosplay in the evenings when it's dark, I've had a drink or two, and no one really cares, anyway. (And yah, I've still got a male friend not far away, because.)

Anyway, ran across Alyison Tabitha when looking for Final Fantasy cosplay, just because. Check out her incredible work at her gallery. And gender-bending! 

And she nails Jack Sparrow's body language! Freaky Wow!

MacOS - you need new keys to the kingdom

Something about MacOS Sierra and 2048-bit encryption on ssh and a work around until you generate new keys. Smart stuff and probably important of you use MacOS.
I don't know. As a nerd, it was interesting to learn, but I don't use a Mac (or ssh, that I know of).
If you've got a Mac, you might want to read this thread by Cindy Brown.

I can play with the Pinkest Pink, because I'm special

As a general rule, I'm a fan of intellectual property rights,  so that inventors and creators can be sure to get fair compensation for their works, but I'm not a fan of locking up the IP, making it impossible for people to use.

The idea that an artist got "an exclusive right" to "the blackest black" is just absurd.  I have to imagine it was as much publicity stunt by the creators of Vantablack as it was anything else.

I applaud Stuart Semple for thumbing his nose back the Vantablack people by saying "your pet artist can't have my pinkest pink."

The root IP lockup is very silly, so the resultant "IP war" is absolutely silly.

Plus, it's kind of a gorgeous shade of pink.  For a few bucks, I might buy myself some and see if I can finger paint with it :-)

Tangentially, here is a really good primer on Intellectual Property.
And finally, yeah, being allowed to play with the Pinkest Pink doesn't exactly make me special - it just make…