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A barge named Fight Fanconi Anemia

Fanconi Anemia is a rare genetic disease that causes bone marrow failure and affects the development of healthy blood cells.

Harley Marine sought to bring awareness to this rare genetic disorder and to honor those who have fought or are still fighting the disease, by naming the barge Fight Fanconi Anemia.

Because, you know, Champer Shipping of Britich Columbia lists an Oil Spill Response page, and people  give their boats all kinds of crazy names, like Fight Fanconi Anemia.

So, there you have it, people at Harley Marine. You have succeeded in raising awareness that this disease exists.  May there some day be a cure for it!

Yeah, I totally don't even remember what I was looking for when I found myself on that OSR page, just enjoying seeing what people name their vessels. I mean, there's Fuji Galaxy, Katagalan Wisdom III, Red Cosmos, and World Harmony among others.  (It begs the question what happened to Katagalan Wisdom I and II?)

As best I can sort out, Fight Fanconi Anemia
Some friends are taking their little princess this weekend to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast at Tacoma's ManeStage Theater.  I love live theater. I love local theater.  I may try to see this ;-)

Give your character a backstory the easy way

I've mentioned before that I'm a gamer girl. I'm also a writer-type person.  That means I create a lot of characters, just for the fun of doing it, to see where different ideas and models might lead.
Here are three sites that my gamer and writer friends like to use, as seeds for character background and character name.  Let's face it, coming up with cool names is a bitch, and coming up with interesting backstory is even worse.
Random backstory generator - .

Random name generator - .

Random job generator - .

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Explode a soda can with electromagnets - Nerds SO Rule!

Okay, who doesn't think exploding cans using nothing but electromagnetism is cool?  Pft, and wait until you see how they explosively compress a quarter using household current and magnets.

So, you get Physics Girl and  It's Okay to be Smart.
Nerds rule!