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Parcopresis – fear of defecating in public places

So, it turns out there is a term for "phobia about pooping in public bathrooms."
Parcopresis – fear of defecating in public places. Paruresis – fear of urinating in public places. Panic attacks/Panic disorder – fear of being unable to use a toilet in a public place. Specific phobia – specific fear of a toilet or toilet related situation. Source
Okay, I knew about being uncomfortable, and going away and coming back when no one else is around, but a phobia?
When I say "that ain't healthy," turns out I'm not saying something funny.
I mean, it really is possible to damage the muscles, screw up natural body signals, and poison ourselves by holding in the poop.
...just because we're afraid someone else will think "Wow, good thing I've never in the thousands of times I've pooped, ever made a sound like that!"
(Someone who poops once per day, poops 365 times per year, or 3650 times per decade, or over TEN THOUSAND times by age 30. Assuming no …

Greenshot hotkeys

If  you waste a lot of time at a computer, then you know how much screen capture utilities totally rock.

One of my favorites is Greenshot, as it makes "capture the region I specify" as easy as pressing the Print Screen button.
However, this is such an awesome function, that other apps like DropBox and OneDrive will also do this, and that means they overwrite the Greenshot settings in the Registry (or something), thus wiping out Greenshot's ability to respond to these hotkey combinations (like Print Screen).
No problem, right?  Yeah, whatever.
So, I learned that OneDrive had usurped the hotkeys when Greenshot said "The hotkeys got usurped, I can't help you anymore."  Sure enough, when you look at the Greenshot preferences, the hotkey combos are GONE.
So, there's a "reset defaults" button, right?  You'd think.  Whatever.

Make OneDrive stop owning the Print Screen hotkey.
Make DropBox stop owning the Print Screen hotkey.

And borrowed from IHave…

How Caffeine and Coffee can help with migraines

So, sometimes if I sleep in late, I risk overheating and getting a migraine. I long ago stumbled upon caffeine as a preventative and cure for my migraines. I always thought it was a vasodilator, until I mentioned this to a nurse friend, and she's like "Noooo, it's a vasoconstrictor." Which, of course, made no sense to me, so I finally went and looked it up.
Well, turns out that migraines are complicated. I suppose anyone who gets the damn things frequently already knew that. Shows how lucky I am to get them so infrequently.
I've also noticed that when I feel one coming on, I can pop a caffeine tablet (200 mg), and go back to sleep, and wake up and never actually suffer the migraine. Go figure. Maybe my pre-migraine condition is caused because when I overheat, the blood vessels in my brain dilate, and thus the caffeine helps me avoid that particular migraine.

So, there you go. Coffee (and caffeine) can be good for your brain. (It's also effective if yo…