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Atomic Rocket

This is one of those random pages that came up in a G+ discussion thread, and I thought it was interesting.  A lot of science fiction discusses the idea of "atomic rockets."  Of course, that's such a broad phrase as to be useless, but I like to think of it as rockets with "atom bombs going off on the ass end, creating reaction thrust."
Anyway, ProjectRHO is kind of a fun site to just click around. It's created by Winchell Chung, who created - apparently somewhat by accident, while still a high school kid, the iconic look of the Ogre super-mega-battletank (yeah, I had to go look it up, too, but the history of the look is a fun story).
I don't get the "RHO" reference. Apparently I'm not cleared for that.  If you get the joke, please fill me in, yah?

It's normal for toddlers to tear everything apart

Did you ever notice that little kids pull things apart all the time.  It gets exhausting putting things together, only to have the "little darlings" tear it all down. Makes me want to stop helping my friends by watching their kids.
Turns out "destructive play" is both normal and educational.  Kids learn an enormous amount before age 5. 
It still makes me bonkers, but at least now I know the behavior serves a function.  Bugger all if I'll ever get into "pick that up for me!" game.

Jeff Brown - Amazing Artist - Patreon

Okay, Jeff Brown is not only a brilliant artist, but he knows how to sell himself.  Check this out:

$32/month - Commercial UseYou get access to the archive & full commercial use of all of the images within! You also get to request what I paint once a month in the form of a 1 line description.
So, let me nail this down: for less than $400/year, you get unlimited commercial use of his entire art  library, AND you can request art.
Now that's an incredible deal!

The guy must be a machine. He's offering to generate one detailed painting per frickin' day if he hits $4K/month.
His paintings are gorgeous.

Hamster Dance

Because you never know what will blow up as some kind of crazy-ass Internet meme

After Forever Webseries - Bold Warrior Woman Needs Food (and monies)

Watch this. Funny, charming, awesome. No idea if the series is any good, but come on - an eternal swordwoman baking scones in Bellingham!? I love the novelty ;-)
She totally deserves money even just for this fucking awesome Kickstarter video!

THROW MONIES AT THE VERY PRETTY* NATALIE FEDAK!  (And the awesome team that helped her make this video!)

* - Hey, she called that one out - you know I think it's bullshit how women get judged on appearance before skill and talent.  She is very pretty, but even more than that, I love her body language. She is very comfortable with herself, and I love how her eternal warrior has that sense of "fish out of water" in her body language. Her character knows she can wipe out an army, but that's not a skill many people value for making wedding cakes. It's subtle, but wonderful nuance.

EVP Spire: Darrin Drader signs on

Darrin Drader, author of a crapload of RPG stuff, wrote on the EVP Spire Facebook page
Since this group seems to be filling up quick, I'd like to talk a bit about becoming a Patron through our Patreon site, and the benefits you might see of backing us there.
First of all, what is our Patreon site? Put simply, Patreon is where you can subscribe to our adventure gaming publication. More specifically, Patreon isn't just a subscription service, it's also a crowd funding service, not entirely unlike Kickstarter. The main different between the two is that while Kickstarter lets you back a project and pay up front. Patreon, on the other hand, only charges you when something new comes out. You pay nothing up front.
How much does it cost? Right now, if you were to purchase upcoming issues of The Spire through RPGNow/Drivethru RPG, you would pay $3.50, and you would get the issue. With Patreon, you can get exactly the same thing for $2.50 per issue. Pay $3.50 instead and you'll be…


Here is a page at the Lovecraft eZine about a big giant list of films relating to HP Lovecraft and Cthulu.  It's interesting to see a student film on there. I spotted it, because of all the film festival laurels.