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Find Local Businesses (in Seattle)

One of the  problems with shopping locally owned businesses, instead of the big chains, is finding the locally owned businesses.

Here in Seattle, we have Think Local Seattle to help find them.

Open Debate Coalition - questions you want the candidates to answer

Well, it looks like the American people don't get what we've earned - Johnson and Stein don't seem to be in the second Presidential Debate.
Whatever.  Still, here's a chance to upvote on the questions you want to hear Secretary Clinton and Mr Trump respond to in this "townhall format" debate, at the Open Debate Coalition.

Looking at the site, it's unclear if they will actually have any impact on the Presidential candidate questions asked, but it's worth a shot.  Whatever their results, they may be able to feed it to the people running the debate, and generate some influence over the actual questions asked, i.e. set the topic and tone, because The People have stated a sense of priorities.

The Hot Violinist

Too damn funny

"The Hot Violinist" - uploaded October, 2011.  Went viral, and this young woman is now touring as a professional fiddler, and collaborated on 8 albums.