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Mighty Protectors RPG tutorial vids on YouTube

You might have noticed I've been playing about with the Mighty Protectors RPG, written by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman, and published under their Monkey House Games imprint.
Well, there's this guy, BK Adams, who - rumor has it - may actually be a bigger guru about MP even than Jeff Dee.  I don't know if this is true, but it's a fun rumor to spread (because, you know, gossip draws attention, and every indie publisher needs all the attention they can get) :-)
Meanwhile, BK Adams has been making YouTube tutorials on some of the finer points of Mighty Protectors. I think this is kind of cool in general, and I like his style.  At first I thought "Why are you reading it to me, when I can read it myself?"  But, you know, his style makes sense, and he brings a bunch of fiddly bits together, so the game makes more sense, and character creation - and resulting play - is more fun.
So, there you go.  Buy the game, watch the vids, have fun saving the world.