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Nerdforge - uber nerd girl shows how to make awesome stuff

So, this is sort of a follow-up to my earlier post on Fantasy RPG Armor for women . This is about Martina at  Nerdforge , and all the awesome shit she makes. Specifically, here are her videos where she makes her own armor and then she makes a shield. She also has videos where she makes tomes, wizard staffs, and all kinds of awesome shit. Frankly, I get a kick out of trying to picture her workshop. She's got some serious and expensive power tools :-) Here are more links about them We're the Nerdforge couple Martina & Hansi! instagram & twitter: @thenerdforge discord:
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RocketBook - Handwriting to scan plus OCR made easy

 I've got two diff RocketBooks , one is paper (the "microwave to erase") and the other is the Matrix ("wipe with moist cloth"). I love both of them. They make writing, capturing, and erasing super easy. The "Wave" is a paper notebook, and is less likely to smudge, works really well with color ink, and has a nice feel. It has durability problems, though, and the front and back covers are both tearing off. I actually glued them to the first and last writing pages to reinforce the binding, and that's working fine. The ink "shadow" tends to build up over time, and not fully erase, even with vigorous rubbing with the pen eraser or excessive microwaving. Also, it's paper - pressure lines accrue over time, also. Still, it's an awesome book. The "Matrix" is a lot more durable, since it's basically plastic. One weird thing I've noticed is that rubbing it with an eraser seems to damage the surface, and it's building up

You Need HeroForge

HeroForge has amazing tools for creating custom figures for tabletop gaming.  Basically, you can build your own 1" figure for your D&D games... ...or Savage Rifts ... ...or, fuck it, just lose your damn mind and have fun... These screenshots were chosen to show off some of the tool features available in HeroForge "Cat Angel" there was created by a 7-year-old girl, who was just having fun one day playing around with her dad's account.  That's how easy and fun the interface is. And different potential - like D&D , or Rifts, or Supers (I got introduced to Mighty Protectors , which is multi-genre a toolkit game like GURPS   or Hero System ). All of these were created by a friend of mine. He's been using HeroForge for years, and backed a few of the KickStarters , so has free access to some of the advanced tools.  (He was showing me the tools, so I asked if I could grab some screenshots for my blog.) Note, that my friend hasn't actually bought  any o

Fantasy RPG Armor for Women

Women in armor .  Well, realistic medieval type of armor, anyway, as opposed to modern body armor, but you can find those, too Model unknown. Image source on Pinterest.

Slings for FHRPG

Some vids detailing historical use of slings.  Again, in most version of D&D, this is a Simple Weapon that anyone can use. Halflings usually get some nice bonuses with slings, and some editions of D&D go absolutely bonkers with halfling-only sling feats that produce some damage potential to easily compete with longbows and crossbows.  (I can't find the character sheet, but I had a 4e halfling ranger/rogue who, in natural terrain, take  5 foot step at the start of her turn, then use her sling to cause 5d6+4 damage. That was awesome.)

Historical Arrows and how they might shape your Fantasy Archer

Here is a pretty cool treatise on longbow arrows. I like his style. Very calm, very well-stated. Useful information and perspective, without a lot of hype, and just a touch of snark. Now, I mean, this is most useful to people who like history, or who play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons .  Or Warhammer FRP , or Talislanta , or want to play Hawkeye in your favorite SHRPG, like, say Mighty Protectors .  :-) Personally, I always loved archers.  I was never particularly enamored of the crossbow in 3e, except maybe as the occassional ranged utility weapon for my low-level clerics.  Then came 5e, when I started monkeying with it. The slow reload rate was always a buzzkill, but the Crossbow Expert Feat provided some definite advantages over the Longbow, so I built a Fighter around the Heavy Crossbow, and actually had a lot of fun.

Lex and her #ShowSomeCharacterProject

Lex is a genius. I've talked about her before . I am professional cynic. Humanity is a cesspit, and I have blogs calling people out for being dirt and how they can and should be better . Lex has risen above human nature to bitch and whine. Lex is a rare gem, and I'm crying because she is the "make the world a better place" genius I aspire to be. Bless her heart, bless her genius, I love watching her save the world one generous action at a time :-) #ShowSomeCharacterProject